Feeling of being in love

Practicing the situations ,andRomanticizing the abbreviations,Is this what we do ?When we actually feel infatuations! Nodding the head,andSneaking to bed,Falling in the ray,At the end of the day…Although aware !Of not falling as a prey.Practicing the situations ,andRomanticizing the abbreviations,Is this what we do ?When we actually feel infatuations! Moving with the flow,andBlowing with the [...]

Only one…

The only one who turned into a stranger,The only one who left onto danger.Knowing all the facts, yet ignoring the interact.Unusual of the defect acquiring the affect. The only one who turned into a stranger..The only one who left onto danger!Turning that void into abidance.Tunning that side into grief. The only one who turned into [...]

Realization of love.

His affection is beyond my attraction…His attraction is beyond my situation…Which is far apart from infinity!His vehemence is beyond the totality… Even after I fill thy with this damn whole negativity,Thy always put forward a smiling entity…Even after I mess up aggressively,Thy always bring out thy passivity… His affection is beyond my attraction…His attraction is [...]

The silent talker.

I always take the local bus for travelling, whenever I have to go to my relatives during weekends. The Friday evenings are so beautiful; that very time when the Sun sets and Earth moves in such a way so that a different part of world could see the face of the new day, a new [...]

A letter to successors.

To,The coming generationPlanet Earth,Galaxy-Milky Way May 2020 My dearest,I don't know if this will ever be received by you; and if by some chance you get this, whether you will ever be interested in reading this. Nor am I sure that being the smallest creature in the anatomy of a human, in this huge part [...]

The old balcony.

Retrieving all those faded memories of mind, she suddenly came out of it, when she was called out by her friend. Coming downstairs, Ilma asked, "You must be recalling all your memories of this home, isn't it?". Well, tears in her eyes were the answer, but hiding them, she said, "I was just looking for [...]

It’s not mother’s day today…

May you enjoy the dash between the dates of your tombstone.May you keep transferring the emotions between the aggregates of our lives.The word "maternal" itself is a definition of maternity.The word "maternity" itself is a propogation of motherly love.And you---A very whole example of God's bestest creation…A very whole discussion of our affectionate relation… "Mothers' [...]

Memory of love….

It's raining again,I wish to hold u in my vein….It's raining again,I wish to sell u all my pain…Capture each cell of thy soul ,Onto every gain of my whole….Share that hold of arms,With the breeze of farms,Bear the squeeze of calmness,With the sneeze of daisyness,It's raining again,I wish to hold u in my vein….To [...]

A sunset never to be forgotten.

I have always loved to travel. Ever since I can remember. Why is life not so simple; that whatever we have as our aspiration, our desire, we be done with it, without any pressure of our daily liabilities.Everything has an expiry date. People come and go. Things, trends, everything comes but then goes eventually. Similarly [...]


Painful for some, pleasuring for someAnd a pleasuring pain for a few …Possession for some, obsession for someAnd compassion for a few…The closure at it's utmost level,Melting of one's soul onto other,The hoardings of breaths,The boardings of heads,Millions of transition in one's body and soul…Billions of transfiguration in one's body and soul…Nothing as lascivious as [...]